Sex during pregnancy: 11 myths about which it’s time to forget

As in principle, to behave with a pregnant woman, I hope you do not need to explain. But how to have sex with her – there are nuances.

With,¬†eks and pregnancy – things seem to be slightly interrelated. But just as the former does not always entail a second, and vice versa – the second one for some reason in the minds of people can veto the first. So, one of my friends, whose pregnancy test results and ultrasound were such that even tomorrow in space to send, voluntarily withdrew from sex for all nine months. And then for another six months. Why? No answer. At least medically sound. “It is not accepted,” she answered all my questions.


And just the other day a friend called and said that they are waiting for the second. “As the second? Do you have the first six months of strength? And did not you swear to me that everything is on this, you do not plan any more children? “- I was puzzled. “That’s right, the second one. Five and a half months. He swore. But it happened so … “- without much joy, answered the young father. It turned out that “it happened” because they were with the wife (she is a lawyer, he is the owner of three restaurants, both people with diplomas on higher education, brains and unlimited Internet) were sure that during breastfeeding it is impossible to conceive.

Apparently, at that moment my personal boiling point was reached. Having enlisted the support of Tatyana Rumyantseva, MD, the obstetrician-gynecologist at the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, we four-handedly dispelled the most common myths associated with having sex during pregnancy.

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