Top 9 Popular Android Apps Now You Can Download Free

  1. MightyTV

Discover TV & movies you love with the help of trusted friends and cutting edge A.I. No more searching, no more frustration. Choose from a wide variety of services and sort by price.

  • Personalized video recommendations matched to your tastes.
  • See what’s trending across MightyTV and in your social network.
  • Our fun, swiping style interface makes it easy to like, love, dislike, or save videos to your watchlist.
  • Maximize your subscription value, minimize your time.
  • Find all your favorite videos in one app including Netflix, Amazon, HBO NOW, Hulu, Crackle, Showtime, Cinemax, and more!
  • Use Mashup to see what you’ll enjoy watching together with friends.
  • Check out and share your MQ — a visual way to look at your favorite actors and genres based on your swipes.

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