Top 9 Popular Android Apps Now You Can Download Free

  1. Surfy Browser

Surfy Browser is a fantastically private web browser that is truly yours.

Its unique approach is practical and original… Someone has finally realized that the features a user needs when browsing from a smartphone aren’t the same as on a desktop computer” –

App of the week on Gizmodo UK!

Gizmodo says: “It’s nice and simple really, you open up the browser’s settings menu and set up a passcode just like you would with any mobile device.”

✔ Private. Lock the browser with a passcode or save a session to a lockable tile.

✔ Personal. Change colors or set your favorite photo as a background


✔ Listen to pages with text-to-speech

✔ Swipeable tabs

✔ Mobile optimization, which can reduce data usage down to as little as 20%

✔ Passcode protection. Protect your browsing from prying eyes by locking Surfy with a passcode

✔ Passcode lock individual bookmarks

✔ Private browsing at start-up

✔ Save session to a lockable tile

✔ Private browsing

✔ Instant search results

✔ Themable panoramic interface with a customizable background image

✔ Save Passwords and Logins

✔ Desktop mode

✔ Multiple search providers: Google Bing DuckDuckGo Yahoo! Baidu

✔ Searchable history

✔ Clear cookies and cache with history.

✔ Set desktop or reading mode for individual tabs

✔ Share pages via Email SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & NFC

✔ Night dimmer

✔ Save images & open links via context menu

✔ Find on Page

✔ Customize tabs and application bar colors

✔ Pin pages to the Launch Pad

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