Top 10 Most Famous Android Apps Available Free Today


★—1. Memory Cleaner (i.e.Task Killer)—★

✓ cleans up Memory, Kills tasks with extremely simple one-touch “Optimize” button to save energy!

✓ Indicates memory clean level for before / after. Defend your phone from drain!

★—2. Battery Life—★

✓ Battery level in percent (%), and all battery life level is indicated with cool Droid icon.

✓ Indicates the remaining/limit time for Talktime,Game,Standby,AudioPlayback,MoviePlayback,WebSurfing,and Reading.

★—3. Deep Sleep Mode —★

✓ Eventhough you are not using the phone, it syncs data every seconds that will drain your battery life.

✓ While not using your phone, set your “Sleep Mode” to cut down the data-sync to your desired time every 5min/30min/never. With easy-tutorial, become a master of the Deep Sleep Mode!

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