Best 10 Android Apps Must Require Features

Best 10 Android Apps Must Require Features


As of now we have copious Android apps available on the Android app store, like Play Store. Despite having numerous apps, still the developers are bringing new apps every now and then. We can see several apps releasing every month and likewise, plethora apps launched for the Android device platform. In this post, we have come up with the best new Android apps rolled out in the month of October, 2016. Just spare little time to have a quick look over the new Android apps.

Google Allo

Google, the popular search engine behemoth has launched a new instant messaging app namely Allo in order to rival other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and much more. The Google Allo messenger is available for Android and iOS platforms. Google launched this app in the month of October for all the users.

There are several best features available on this app allowing the users become fruitful using them. Some of the best features available on this Allo app include Google Assistant, End-to-end encryption, massive collection of emojis and stickers, Incognito Chat conversations and other privacy and security features.


People massively make use of stickers, emoticons and others in order to express their emotions instead of writing the text message. Now, GIF images are quite popular used to communicate with one another. These GIF are a kind animated images featuring a sort of expression that include funny, serious, sarcastic and much more.

It shows some hidden message just like a story-telling.

Giphy is an amazing app used as an extension to the Messenger. It is a standalone app released earlier in the month of May. The new Giphy app is quite similar to the PC version that lets users discover various GIFs used to share them across various apps like Facebook, Twitter and much more.

Circle SideBar

Circle SideBar is the newly launched app earlier this year in the month of September. This app is the best toolbar for shortcuts so that you can make use of these shortcuts for specific apps on your Android device.

This app lets the users allocate it to selected apps in order to acquire fast access to other apps. You can also customise the display of this app on your phone like the position of this toolbar, colour and much more. In order to make use of premium features, you can download the paid version so that you can get numerous additional features.


Cinematics is another newly launched app that works as the best database for various movies. This app allows the users view the listings of currently popular and latest movie information such as the cast, crew, review ratings and much more.

In order to get information related to movies and other stuff, Cinematics is the perfect Android app.

BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Hub is an amazing application that offers the best interface for all the users so as to look after various social media and messaging app accounts. This app offers the best password manager so that you need not have to memorise the passwords of different social media app accounts. Just leave them to this BlackBerry Hub so that it manages all of them in a brilliant way.

It also provides the calendar information to all the users. This app doesn’t support Facebook Messenger and Telegram apps. You can use the free trial version for a period of 30 days and later you need to pay monthly subscription to make use of all the features.

Quick Reply

Quick Reply is another best Android application that allows the users instantly respond to various messages without having to open the application. You can use this app for WhatsApp so that you can give your reply without unlocking your device’s screen.

You can use this app on various messaging apps that include Skype, Telegram, Kik and much more. This app is available on Google Play Store to download and use for free.

Google Duo

Google has launched an amazing video calling application namely Duo for Android and iOS platforms in the month of August. This app allows the users make free one-to-one video calling despite on slow internet connections.

This app provides the best features so that the user can have an option of looking at the person calling and they can choose whether to answer the call or simply ignore it.


Prisma is the new photo-editing Android app that has acquired massive popularity across the web. This app launched in the month of August, 2016 smashing other photo editing apps on the web. You can have numerous features on this app that include filters, colour palettes and much more. Using these filters, you can transform your normal picture into some spectacular art. Y

ou can even share these pictures on various social media platforms and share it among your friends as well. It is now available on Google Play Store for free of cost.



Hermit is the best battery saver for your Android apps that allows the users save their battery. This app’s functionality is to take the apps that consume much battery like Facebook and simply replaces them with a wrapping for the mobile portal. These apps will never consume much battery but they are present within your app drawer.

Also, these apps can send all notifications but they help users save their battery and save much storage space. This app is compatible with various messaging and social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and much more.


Spaces, the latest social networking app launched by Google in the month of June. This app allows the users interact with their friends and followers via Spaces.

Similar to Facebook, you can also post various links, pictures and much more on this application. The developers designed this app particularly for group conservations. These are new Android apps released this year and acquired massive popularity soon after the launch.


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