14 Very Useful Popular Android Apps Install Now: Android Apps

14 Very Useful Popular Android Apps Install Now: Android Apps

14 Very Useful Popular Android Apps Install Now


  1. Swype Keyboard

Swype is all about YOU. Whether you’re a fast tapper, exact typer or a Swype Ninja, get ready for a better, faster keyboard experience that gets smarter the more you use it. Swype pays attention to the way you input text and creates a personal language model that follows you from device to device. Swype – the world’s most powerful keyboard.

  • MORE CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS – Swype lets you customize your keyboard including long-press delay, vibration duration, keyboard height and mini left/right keyboards in landscape mode.
  • PERSONAL DICTIONARY BACKUP & SYNC – Swype enables you to back up your personal dictionary to the cloud and synchronize it with any Android device with Swype on it – never lose the words that you add to your personal dictionary again! (Opt-in feature)
  • SWYPE LIVING LANGUAGE & HOTWORDS keeps you always up to date with a real-time, crowd-sourced and news derived language model that gives you immediate access to our continuously updated language dictionary. Imagine having instant access to the hottest words and phrases that people are using at that moment.(Opt-in feature)
  • NEXT WORD PREDICTION – So intelligent, it’s like Swype can read your mind! The most powerful language models on the market train your device to learn your unique vocabulary and predict your words based on the previous usage, Swype can predict commonly used words and phrases.
  1. SoloLearn: Coding Community

Learn to Code with SoloLearn! Join the fastest-growing global community of code learners to learn the basics or advance your existing skills. Reach a new level through learning solo or peer-to-peer interaction in the world of programming. With us, you can Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Python, Java, C#, SQL, Swift, and Ruby.Follow community influencers to better retain and develop what you’ve learned, and practice on any device to improve your skills. Our community makes code learning as easy and as mobile as it can possibly get.

With SoloLearn, you can:

LEARN programming concepts by going through short interactive texts and fun follow-up quizzes. Currently, we cover 11 programming disciplines with over 900 topics that range from basic, to intermediary, to advanced levels.

CODE! The best way to learn to code is to code! Our beautifully designed code editor lets you make changes to existing code or write and compile your own custom code – on any device, while going through the core lessons or as a stand-alone activity. The more you play, the better you get!

Check out our Q&A DISCUSSIONS to get help, or to help enhance the learning of peer SoloLearners.

PLAY and test your skills by challenging other learners in head-to-head games.

  1. Texpand – Text Expander

Texpand is a text expansion app that helps you save a lot of time by assigning shortcuts to your frequently used texts. Features include:

Expand text on almost all apps

  • Works with any virtual keyboards (Swiftkey, Google Keyboard, etc…)
  • Works with physical keyboards including Bluetooth keyboards
  • Dynamic values to let you insert date and time in any format you can imagine or your clipboard text
  • Floating bubble to help you complete your text expansion or undo it
  • Per phrase, options to expand immediately after entering space or to expand within words
  • With floating suggestion window you don’t have to exactly remember your shortcuts
  • Simple and clean UI to let you add and manage your phrases with ease.
  1. Freestyle Rap Coach – RapPad
  • The freestyle coach will generate a word or topic for you to rap about as well as continuously play an instrumental.


  • This is the ultimate tool to learn how to freestyle or practice your freestyle rap skills. Unlike other tools, the Freestyle Coach can also help you think of what to say next, by suggesting lines and rhymes.
  • The cold hard truth in freestyling is that you’ll need to practice in order to get better. So how do you get to practice?
  • That’s where the Freestyle Rap Coach comes in. It gives you topics to keep your brain on a roll, as well as provides beats that you can listen to so that you can practice your flow.
  • The nice thing about the rap coach is that it caters to people from ALL skill levels. Whether or not you’re a DOPE MC or looking for beginner freestyle lessons, this tool will help you.
  1. Unchained – Local Restaurants
  • Explore the local tastes and flavors in your area. Unchained is the perfect companion for those who are tired of going to popular chain restaurants and would rather try new flavors in the area. Start by searching for what you are craving (sushi, wings, pizza, etc.) and your location (Atlanta, Mall of GA area, etc.) and with the swipe of a finger, Unchained will gather all the locally owned restaurants in your area and present them in a clean, seamless manner. You’ll find restaurant names, addresses, pictures, and ratings represented by a bar at the bottom of each listing. Find your local taste with Unchained!.
  1. Word Swag – Cool fonts, quotes

You’ve found the authentic Word Swag™ app! Word Swag magically turns your words into beautiful photo text designs!Create amazing text layouts that would normally take minutes – or even hours in Photoshop – with just a tap. Only Word Swag has the exclusive Typomatic™ type engine that makes this possible.

Use Word Swag to:

  • Make your own stylish quotes
  • Make beautiful graphics for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr
  • Make graphics for your blog
  • Caption your photos
  • Create announcements and flyers
  • Give your words a designer look!
  1. One More Jump

One More Jump is a hand-crafted intense arcade platformer from the team that brought you One More Line and Thumb Drift.Simple to learn one-touch controls. Hard to master levels that will test your muscle memory, concentration and sanity!


  • 70+ Hand crafted levels (new levels added every month)
  • Insanely-hard challenge levels! (No seriously, enter at own risk.
  • Daily endless mode: One new level every day!
  • Customize your character with unlockable themes and avatars
  • Original music soundtrack by Batteries.
  1. Zyptonite P2P Chat

Zyptonite connects everyone through a decentralized peer-to-peer platform designed to bring you high audio/video quality, resilience in spotty networks, and ultimate privacy.

  • We currently enable calling and multiparty conferencing with video, audio, and text.
  • We will soon be adding screen sharing, instant direct file transfer, and other features.
  • We are offering free access to Zyptonite for our early adopters. Reserve you’re free account until they run out!
  • Group Calling and Facebook Sign Up: your friends are waiting, start calling now.
  1. People edge for Note 7 – S7

Short des:people edge for galaxy s7 & note 7. Quick call and message for favorite contacts.Edge People Contact only for galaxy s7 edge and galaxy note 7 edge is now available on your phone.People Edge for Galaxy Note 7 – S7 edge is the best new feature of S6 & S7 & Note7 edge. People edge for Note 7 – S7 help you get access to your favorite contacts from everywhere at every time. You can make calls and send messages quickly by one swiping,everything is just ready for you to use. People edge for Note 7 – S7 support for: Asus, Sony Experia, LG, Xiaomi,, Huawei.. and all devices Galaxy.

  • Custom your phone with edge contact only for galaxy s7 edge and galaxy note 7 edge.
  • Add your favorite contacts to the edge people screen
  • Quick call, and quick messaging to your contact in the edge screen
  • Remove contacts easily
  • Enable contact edge easily.
  1. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto Movie maker has been featured on CNN, NBC Sports, Rolling Stone Magazine, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, TechCrunch, Mashable, Wired, VentureBeat, CNET and Forbes.


Share your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Email, YouTube and Whatsapp. Create special Instagram videos and share them a right to your Instagram account. Add your Instagram videos and photos, selfie videos, mp4 movies and more.


Imagine a personal video maker available 24/7 that transforms your photos and videos into a music video masterpiece. Magisto movie maker creates sensational photo video clips using your photos.


Upload photos and videos from your gallery or use Magisto as a smart video camera. Add music to video from your device or from Magisto’s music library and make an amazing music video.

  1. Video Editor

This is a simple but powerful video editor, make video edit on Android device so easy.

Main features:

  • Add music to video, make your music video
  • Pick photos, create slideshow
  • Trim your videos
  • Split your videos into two clips
  • Merge multiple videos into one file, and you can add music.
  • Convert video to MP3 audio
  • Share your clips to YouTube, Facebook, etc..
  • Rename and delete your clips.
  1. Pregnancy Week on Week Tracker

Motherhood is not a state of mind or body, it is an experience to be lived and journey full of memories. Here we are, making your memories even better by keeping you informed with what’s pregnancy bringing to you. PregBuddy, one of the best pregnancy apps ever, shall prove to be the best buddy for your pregnancy period. Get updated with week-by-week growth of your baby : You wish to know it all about your baby and of course you cannot run to a doctor every time. So here we are, helping you out with updates of your baby every week.

  • Weight of the baby
  • Development of your baby’s organs
  • Weekly growth of body parts of your baby
  • Every movement of your baby inside your womb

Get week-by-week updates of your body changes: Know about your pregnant self even better with PregBuddy. Keep a tab on how your body changes during pregnancy.

  1. Moments

Moments helps you create shared photo albums with your friends and family. With Moments you can quickly send photos to your friends and get photos back.


Keep all your photos and videos organized in one private place.


A Favorites feature which stores photos in full resolution.


Moments is connected to your Facebook friends and events.

Send multiple at once—no need to text or email individual photos.


Automatically organizes photos of yourself, your friends, trips, events, and more, so you can easily search for them later.


View slideshows of your photos and share them to Facebook.

  1. Edge Clock for Samsung Edge

This app is for Samsung S7, S6 edge mobile to display Cock in Edge Feeds/Notifications panel in off screen on swipe gesture to display Time and date. Instead of using Night clock or always on display to check time you can install this app will display clock in Edge feeds notification panel when swiped in off screen for feeds panel.

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