11 Top Handpicked Android Apps Worthy to Download

11 Top Handpicked Android Apps Worthy to Download


From the past few years The Google Play store has number of apps which are useful for our in our daily life. Here we are facing a major problem as what are it features and categories some are like top rated ,top free and some top paid we are not having any idea about this apps so we are providing a detailed study for that. So many updated are coming daily if you have a clear idea you can download apps for your handset. Have you ever got a question what are the best apps for android? Here we are helping u in that way.

  1. NARRO

Narro is digital that read articles and texts it is available in both Android and iOS app form along with a desktop web browser plug-in and with email, Pocket and integrations. Narro, a new web application from developed by Josh Beckman that converts the articles you bookmark it provided bookmark let into podcast episodes that are oh-so-conveniently deposited into your own Narro-generated podcast feed that you then subscribe to in your podcast player of choice

Narro is the web app works well. The transcription engine is fast and despite being peppered with brief spoken and audio oddities, human be scary for robot voiceovers are entirely tolerable to listen to. One possible catch might be lack of podcast player support It specifically mentions fine right now, worth too but it does not provide a address that should be accepted by any podcast player that allows you to cut and paste feed addresses. Narro is something like an RSS or news reader service exponentially more useful than just bookmarking from Safari alone meantime, for those with too little time to read and too much time to listen.

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