10 Very Useful Trending Android Apps Download Now

10 Very Useful Trending Android Apps Download Now


  1. Natural Notes

Natural Notes is a free digital note book for Android smartphones or tablets.

Whttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cssru.chiefnotesfreeith Natural Notes you can write, store and share your notes.

It is a useful application, natural to use and totally free!

You can add, edit, delete and share the notes you add.

In addition to using this application as a digital note pad, you can use it to compose and save messages that you can then send by email, SMS and with other applications installed on your device. Just write a note and use the “share” feature.

You can even write your tweets to Twitter or Facebook messages … write down everything you need, Natural Notes stores it for when you want to check your notes or send them.

Includes backup feature to the MicroSD memory card of your device.

Nature Notes is a free application and without ads. Does not connect to the Internet.

Added option to open any .txt files on the device with Natural Notes and save it as a note (.txt files you receive via Bluetooth, as an email attach, etc).

Added option to install or move the app to the SD card (on Android versions that allow this)

New design for large 10 inch Honeycomb tablets.

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