10 Newly Out Trending Android Apps Download Now

10 Newly Out Trending Android Apps Download Now


  1. Battery Saver 2

Battery Saver 2 & Save Battery! is proud of being “EXTREMELY EASY” battery saver application/widget. Master your saving skills easily with Cool droid characters (Under Creative Commons 3.0, Google) becoming your battery doctor & for Free! This app helps users save battery life with various features (yet very easy to use!) and boost your phone go faster with one-touch memory cleaner. This app is Extremely Easy. It’s 100% Free. OVER 2,000,000 DOWNLOADS!!!

“Definitely an app everyone will be thrilled to use.” – AskyourAndroid.com

“Certainly worth giving a try” – AndroidHeadlines.com

“This one will change the trend.” – Apps400.com

“Can considerably decrease the usage.” – Apps4review.com and many more reviews!

8 in 1 Toolbox Mix App! – Memory Cleaner(i.e.Task Killer/Optimizer), Life Indicator, Deep Sleep Mode, Settings Optimizer, Charge Alert, Status Bar Notification, Battery Widget, and App Uninstaller. 8 Features but it’s still VERY EASY TO USE! Download this app/widget for free, become a master of saving power.


★—1. Memory Cleaner (i.e.Task Killer)—★

✓ cleans up Memory, Kills tasks with extremely simple one-touch “Optimize” button to save energy!

✓ Indicates memory clean level for before / after. Defend your phone from drain!

★—2. Battery Life—★

✓ Battery level in percent (%), and all battery life level is indicated with cool Droid icon.

✓ Indicates the remaining/limit time for Talktime,Game,Standby,AudioPlayback,MoviePlayback,WebSurfing,and Reading.

★—3. Deep Sleep Mode —★

✓ Eventhough you are not using the phone, it syncs data every seconds that will drain your battery life.

✓ While not using your phone, set your “Sleep Mode” to cut down the data-sync to your desired time every 5min/30min/never. With easy-tutorial, become a master of the Deep Sleep Mode!

★—4. Settings Optimizer—★

✓ Turns off various functions with one-touch button for battery saver.

✓ Set Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,Auto-sync data,Auto-rotation,GPS,screen-brightness to optimize/save power!

★—5. Alarm notification—★

✓ Alarm notifies you when the power is charged to 100%/70%/50%/30%/lower than 20%! (on/off available)

✓ Estimates the remaining time the power requires to be, at specified life percentage.

★—6. Status Bar Notification—★

✓ Now You can check your percentage at your phone status bar! (on/off available)

✓ Also check the health of battery saver through pull-down notification bar

★—7. Battery/Memory Optimizer Widget—★

✓ 4*1 Battery/Memory Optimizer widget to check your Memory Clean Level/Battery Level!

✓ Easy access to the Battery Saver App with one-touch

★—8. Application Uninstaller—★

✓ Application manager included

✓ Batch uninstall to save your power life.

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